What benefits do oats bring? Why have we picked this cereal for our Vegan Cookies? Oats are a source of energy, are good for your biotic balance and your kidneys, they are suitable for a coeliac diet, and they even help improve the quality of your sleep!

Oats: an ancient cereal

Proprietà dell'avenaWe all know that oats have been around for a while. But today, thanks to studies carried out by some Tuscan researchers, we have proof that in Italy, oats were ground already in the Stone Age, or rather 32,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens have took advantage of oats’ nutrients straight away. As time passed, though, oats have not always been people’s favourite, and for many years they have actually been only used to feed cattle. Lately, they have been rediscovered.

What are oats’ nutritional values?

The tables from the Italian Centre for Food and Nutrition Research show that oat flour has 70% of carbohydrates, 17% of fats, and 13% of proteins. Thanks to this high percentage of carbohydrates, oats are an excellent source of nutritional energy, as all carbs are. To be specific, oats have 385 kcal per 100g. Their protein supply is not very high if compared to meat, but if oats are consumed with legumes, then they reach the same value.

Oats for Coeliac Diets

Hey, we know oats are a cereal, but contrarily to wheat, oats are gluten free. This means that they can be used in most of coeliac diets!

Oats for muscles and sleep: Avenin

Oats are made of an alkaloid which is called Avenin, which stimulates your neuromuscular system, and so bring antirehumatic effects. Basically, it relaxes your muscles. It can relax them so much that oats can be very helpful in periods of great physical stress. That’s the reason why they were used to feed cattle. The relaxation brought by Avenin can be so great that it can help re-balance your nervous system, and also any sleep troubles you may be experiencing. This is one of the benefits we enjoy the most…

The wonders of beta-glucans: good for your cholesterol, intestine, and heart

Oats are also made of beta-glucans, fibres that according to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) helps maintain a normal level of cholesterol in your blood. This helps reduce the risk of heart diseases. Beta-glucans are also good for the intestine, as these fibres are soluble, and help digestion and so your regular balance.

So, what do you think of all these benefits? Have we convinced you to try our Oats Vegan Cookies for a healthy (but yummy) breakfast?



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