The history of Ghiott is the story of the Salaorni family. From Tuscan gourmet patisserie and Ghiottini
right up to Cortés Chocolate, this is a story that started in 1953 and involves resourcefulness, courage, tradition, quality and a love of good things.

More Ghiott… with Cortés Chocolate

In 2016 the Ghiott Dolciaria acquired a historic Tuscan chocolate company and started Ghiott Chocolate. In the spirit of innovation, attachment to the local area and because it is “nice to produce deliciously good things”.

From Ghiottini to Cortés Chocolate, quality and traditional craftsmanship

Gusto & Piacere Tuscan Biscuits

What’s for breakfast?

Something really new! For the first time in 2016 Ghiott Dolciaria branched out from their range of patisserie with the addition of an original range of breakfast biscuits. Gusto & Piacere Tuscan Biscuits, without eggs, butter or milk, slowly started to appear in the morning milk of many Italians.

Three generations

Those that are born around biscuits cannot stop themselves from baking them. With the start of the new millennium the second generation of the Salaorni family took over the reins of the Ghiott Dolciaria. Patrizia and Laura, daughters of the founder Enzo and his wife Silveria in 2009 involved Patrizia’s daughter Chiara Turacchi, forming a modern day model of female entrepreneurship.

Three women in chargeA family company for three generations: Silveria Salaorni, wife of the founder Enzo, with their daughters Laura and Patrizia, and granddaughter Chiara Turacchi

American supermarkets started selling Ghiott cantuccini almond biscuits in Orange, Black and Red packets

Ghiottini around the world

It was the time of Friends, the Simpsons and the Spice Girls. While Fiorello was singing karaoke to everyone, the aroma of Ghiottini biscuits spread beyond national borders and arrived in Europe, the United States, Canada… To never go back.

How many of these cantuccini do you want?

This is what Silveria asked her husband Enzo Salaorni when she saw the new Ghiott plant that had just been built in Chianti, a short distance from Florence. It was in 1977 that Enzo made a courageous and farsighted choice to transform his Tuscan biscuit shop into a real business.

How many of these cantuccini do you want?
Freshly baked cantuccini almond biscuits, produced in the Ghiott plant
This shop is too small
In the Sixties. A van full of Ghiott products ready to leave the shop just outside Florence and supply various customers around the city.

This shop is too small

The small shop baked large quantities of traditional Florentine patisserie but it was not enough to meet everyone’s needs. Production needed to increase. They had to expand… In 1957 Enzo Salaorni transferred the Ghiott Dolciaria to a large shop just outside Florence. It stayed there for twenty years.

Silveria, try this biscuit…

Florence 1953. In his newly opened shop in San Frediano in the heart of Oltrarno, Enzo Salaorni invented Ghiottini and asked his wife Silveria to try them to see what she thought. She must have liked them because we have not stopped making them since then…


Silveria and Enzo Salaorni in their pastry shop

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