Vegan Cookies

for a delicious break

Our line of cookies presents a range of vegan cookies in 4 different flavors: with oat flakes, with chocolate chips, with mixed berries, and with carrots.
Our vegan cookies are a product thought for the contemporary consumer, who cares about local and quality ingredients that can add to his diet a lighter touch, but with the same taste of a delicious cookie. In fact, our Vegan Cookies are made with selected quality ingredients, such as rice milk, spelt and wholemeal flours, only cane sugar, and natural aromas.
Ghiott’s Vegan Cookies are integral part of our Tuscan tradition, as they are made with only spelt and wholemeal flours stone-ground in Tuscan mills, and when possible, with Tuscan or Italian ingredients.

Vegan Cookies with Oat Flakes & Vegan Cookies with Mixed Berries

Biscotti Toscani with Oat Flakes, and Biscotti Toscani with Mixed Berries are the most classic flavours in our range of Vegan Cookies. They have been thought for that consumer who loves a cookie rich in simple and traditional taste, which recalls nature, and so meets every palate’s expectation.

Vegan Cookies with Chocolate Chips

For all those who are in need of sweetness, we have thought of our Biscotti Toscani with Chocolate Chips. They melt in your mouth and fit any occasion. Dark chocolate chips are a small delicacy that perfectly harmonises with the rest of our selected light ingredients, such as the spelt and wholemeal flours stone-ground in Tuscan mills, or the rice milk, that ensure a higher digestibility.

Vegan Cookies with Carrots

Our Biscotti Toscani with Carrots, with their original taste are instead thought for those consumers who are looking for a special cookie, with a flavour that is not easily found. With its subtle sweetness, this cookie meets the needs of those who would like a lighter snack. This is the perfect cookie for those who crave a different kind of snack that still holds all the taste of a delicious cookie.


Good day, good day! Sadness and nostalgia go away.
 (Lorenzo Cherubini, Buongiorno, 1991)

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