The Verrocchio exhibition in Florence: Leonardo’s Master

These are the last days in which you can enjoy the beautiful exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence: Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo. There’s only one ‘true’ exhibition to visit right now in Italy, or rather in Florence, at Palazzo Strozzi. It’s the exhibition...

It happened in Florence, 1953

5 curious facts on the history of Florence, in a key year for Ghiott’s history Why 1953? What happened then? Here are some curious facts, which will give you that 50s feeling, and we hope will give you a picture of how Florence was then... 1. Artist Robert...

Cookies in Comics: from Grandma Duck to Calvin & Hobbes

We’ve already talked about food in art on several occasions, and if you missed our 5 extroardinary still lives with biscuits, or our Food & Cinema: 5 films that star cookies, you can always catch up on them   On this new post we’ll see how cookies feature in comics....

May: Carrots, and How to Plant Them

Raw carrots, carrots dipped in oil, carrots in smoothies or juices, or simply boiled and garnished with olive oil. Our favourites are the ones in the carrot cake, though, as they’re the yummiest. It doesn’t really matter the shape you like them in, truth is that...

Food & Cinema: 5 films who star cookies

We dicided to be a bit more dynamic and discover cookies in cinema. We’ll see how food is portrayed in cinema, and especially we’ll discover 5 movies where cookies are the stars.

Ghiott ingredients: discover all the benefits of oats

What benefits do oats bring? Why have we picked this cereal for our Vegan Cookies? Oats are a source of energy, are good for your biotic balance and your kidneys, they are suitable for a coeliac diet, and they even help improve the quality of your sleep!

Cantuccini cheesecake: exclusive recipe

Think that at first he didn’t even want to share his secret with us… we had to ask for it for more than a month, but finally, we managed to get him to spill the beans (or the cheesecake…). So here’s how to prepare our Cantuccini cheesecake

When Hot chocolate used to be called ‘Indian Soup’

The chocolate in the cup, born as an “Indian Soup”, was the symbol of a revolution that from the seventeenth to the eighteenth century saw a change in taste, habits and gastronomic rituals in the major courts of Europe.

Tuscan Carnival Desserts

The Tuscan Carnival desserts are Cenci, Rice Frittelle, Florentine schiacciata and the Berlingozzo. Thanks to Ghiott for the recipes!

5 extraordinary still lives with biscuits

Long before the explosion of food art, food in art has always been represented in many different ways. Many artists have gifted us with a series of banquet and still-life masterpieces, which have showed us how through centuries we liked to eat, and which food we...

Ghiott at Cologne ISM Fair 27th-30th January

Ghiott presents Cortés Gianduja Chocolate with Hazelnuts at Trade fair for Sweets & Snacks 2019 at Cologne. ISM is indeed the only food trade fair specialised on the sweets & snacks sector with more than 1,600 exhibitors.

January to get back in shape

Have you spent the last days of December eating and drinking as if there were no tomorrow? Well, as January presents itself as the right time to start something new, why not try to get back in shape? But how to do so?

Christmas at Ghiottineria

If you wish to make a hamper for Christmas with the best products of the Tuscan territory, but you don’t know where to start, you can start from Ghiottineria.

Our Ghiottini Recipe

Ghiottini have been made according to family tradition since 1953   “Silveria, come here… Taste this new biscuit...” “Oh dear, Enzo, you haven’t invented a new one, have you?”   Yep, Enzo Salaorni had just invented his Ghiottini recipe, and the first one to try them...

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