Tuscan Specialties


Soft Tuscan Amaretti

Soft Tuscan Amaretti are a recipe invented by Ghiott’s founder, Enzo Salaorni. Their soft dough is made with sweet and bitter almonds, sugar, honey, egg whites, and a touch of candied orange paste. Just one bite, and you’ll find yourselves transported back into our family bakery, in 1953.



Cranberry Cantuccini Biscuits

Cranberry Cantuccini biscuits are a contemporary variation of the traditional cantuccini, thought for those who wish to try something fruitier and sweeter. Cranberry makes cantuccini moister, and so softer than usual.


Soft Almond and Chocolate Cantuccini Biscuits

Ghiott’s unique recipe inspired by the famous almond Ghiottini, and the consumer who seeks a more friable biscuit. Morbidi are friable and fragrant almond Cantuccini, prepared with top-quality ingredients, and sprinkled with tempting sugar crumbs. They also come in the chocolate-drop version.




Typical diamond-shaped pastries, made with almond paste, egg white, and honey. Soft and delicious, Ricciarelli are traditionally given as a gift, as they are said to bring good luck.




A round cake, famous for its soft texture. Extremely delightful, spicy, filled with candied fruit and top-quality almonds. Ghiott presents it in its traditional version, covered in icing sugar.



Pasticceria Assortita – Gift Confectionery Box

Ghiott’s delicious assortment of its finest confectionery, in a gift box for special occasions. This prestigious assortment contains a selection of products to serve in sophisticated combinations with some typical wine or liquor.


Crunchy Amaretti & Savoiardi (Ladyfingers)

Ghiott’s range also includes the internationally appreciated Savoiardi (Ladyfingers), as well as typical crunchy Amaretti. These products are representatives of Italy, and so we of course need to include them in our portfolio.


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