Ghiott Firenze Chocolate

for a tasty break

If you find yourself here, that’s because you’re in need of a little bit of chocolate… indeed, it’s the perfect time for a bite of Ghiott Firenze Chocolate.

Made with natural extracts of ginger, citron, coffee, orange, and chilli, Ghiott Firenze Chocolate is a kind of chocolate that is not easy to find elsewhere. In addition to these tempting flavours, you can also find the classic extra dark 70%, as well as fine milk chocolate. All these flavours ensure a wide range of chocolate bars in different sizes, which are made to engage the palate in different tastes. This makes Ghiott Firenze Chocolate a chocolate for all, and easy to be shared.

We love surprising our consumers, and for those who need to see for themselves, we have our range of Ghiott Firenze Chocolate with fruit bites, and ground nuts. You can choose from Italian ground nuts, ground pistachios, and candied orange peel. Our bases vary from dark chocolate 50% to fine milk chocolate. These precious bars fully show the artisanal high quality of our chocolate.

Indeed, our chocolate can be called ‘artisanal chocolate’, as some of our production phases are still hand made by the operators. This is because we believe chocolate is a delicate art, and in some cases, only the hands of our technicians can fully guarantee the quality and beauty of Ghiott Firenze Chocolate.

Three brothers from Barletta were walking through the countryside one day and found a road that was very smooth and completely brown.
– What do you think it is? – said the first.
– It’s not wood, – said the second.
– It’s not coal, – said the third.
To find out more all three of them knelt down and licked it.
It was chocolate, it was a chocolate road.
(Gianni Rodari, La strada di cioccolato, from Favole al telefono (Fairy Tales Over the Phone) , 1962)

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