Breakfast with Gusto & Piacere

without milk, butter, eggs

Good right from their smell

Food of the Gods


It happened in Florence, 1953

5 curious facts on the history of Florence, in a key year for Ghiott’s history Why 1953? What happened then? Here are some curious facts, which will give you that 50s feeling, and we hope will give you a picture of how Florence was then... 1. Artist Robert...

Cookies in Comics: from Grandma Duck to Calvin & Hobbes

We’ve already talked about food in art on several occasions, and if you missed our 5 extroardinary still lives with biscuits, or our Food & Cinema: 5 films that star cookies, you can always catch up on them   On this new post we’ll see how cookies feature in comics....

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Cantuccini cheesecake: exclusive recipe

Cantuccini cheesecake: exclusive recipe

Think that at first he didn’t even want to share his secret with us… we had to ask for it for more than a month, but finally, we managed to get him to spill the beans (or the cheesecake…). So here’s how to prepare our Cantuccini cheesecake