Many think that Chantilly cream is made mixing custard with whipped cream, but that’s not it! The real Chantilly cream is made ONLY whipping double cream with vanilla extract and icing sugar. If you’d rather add custard, though, you’ll get the so called Diplomatic Cream, which is still very yummy, but firmer.

Here’s our recipe for a perfect finger-food summer dessert which features our Ghiottini: Chantilly cream, fresh strawberries, and Ghiottini – our favourite way to welcome summer!

Ingredients for 4 serves
250g double cream (1)
35g icing sugar (2)
1 sachet of vanilla extract (0,5g) (3)
1 basket of fresh strawberries (4)
1 200g-bag of Ghiottini (5)



  1. Pick some dessert bowls or glasses of different sizes where to create your composition.
  2. Pour the double cream in a bowl and add the icing sugar, and the vanilla extract (photo 2).
  3. Whip the mix until you get a whipped cream consistency – which will actually be Chantilly cream! (photo 3).
  4. Put a dollop of cream to cover the base of the glass or dessert bowl you have chosen, and dip into it 3 Ghiottini up to half biscuit. Add the strawberries, whole (wash them first!). We advise putting up to 2-3 strawberries per glass/bowl, depending on their size.

If you’re in the mood for some dessert wine…

  • Instead of beginning with the cream, first fully dip 2-3 Ghiottini in the dessert wine, and set them at the base of the glass/bowl.
  • Cover the Ghiottini with the cream, followed by the strawberries

Show your guests how creative you can be, and serve this summer dessert in different portions, and glasses of different dimensions! Your guests will then have the pleasure of choosing their favourite, and enjoy the aesthetics of your special presentation!



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